There are many reasons why people start looking for a new deodorant: the deodorant they use does not work well, they want to switch to a natural deodorant because they worry about the negative messages that can be found in the media about the regular deodorants. Fortunately, we have a very good natural deodorant for you!

The SMPL multifunctional natural deodorant has many advantages:
  • Most importantly: it works!
  • The deodorant is a rock, one piece of nature, and therefore it is 100% natural
  • The rock can last six months to one year with daily use
  • The rock is odorless
  • The rock is multifunctional:
  • It stops small (shaving) wounds from bleeding
  • It is ideal for mosquito bites because it stops the itch
  • It is also useful for acne and other skin irritations: they disappear
  • It works on sweaty feet.
  • The stone is ideal for travel or on the go. You just throw it in your bag!
  • Even children can use the stone


How this miracle deodorant work? You make it wet and rub it over your skin where the stone leaves an antibacterial coating. The stone works best on clean skin.

We get so many great enthusiastic reactions this deodorant. We hope you will be too!

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