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Yes. All ingredients come from nature and we use only the best natural ingredients in the products. Also we only use natural preservatives.

For us it is important that what you put on your skin actually benefits the skin and does not contain any harmful substances. The skin is our largest organ and anything you spread on it can be absorbed and end up in our body. In addition, in our experience, our skin looks much better since we started using natural products ourselves. Also important..

No. These oils are natural, but can still cause allergic reactions or irritate the skin.

Yes, all products are suitable for the skin of small children and babies. This because they don’t contain perfume or essential oils.

We choose for sustainable packaging as much as possible and set strict demands on our ingredients. The sustainable benefit lies also in what our products does not contain. In regular skin care often contains ingredients such as paraffin oil or mineral oil. Petroleum is an ending fossil raw material rthat we prefer to stay away from. Additionally, we do not use palm oil as this is very damaging to the environment. We also do not use microbeads, what is found in many skin care products. These small plastic particles pollute the sea and make fish sick.

We believe sustainability is important and we strive to continue to improve ourselves. We try to do good but we are certainly not perfect.

All products are unisex. So men… start shopping!

Yes. We have carefully chosen ingredients that are generally not irritating for the skin. But every skin is different so always test a product on the inside of your arm and see if your skin has a reaction.