SMPL. why?

SMPL loves natural skin care.

We use only the finest natural ingredients and with these ingredients our Dutch laboratory makes the best natural products.

Our products are suitable for all skin types. Why?

  • no synthetic perfumes
  • no parabens
  • no animal testing
  • no harmful preservatives
  • no essential oils

  • 100% natural
  • unisex
  • suitable for children
  • travel ready
  • allergy friendly

SMPL focuses its products and information on what really matters and leaves out the unnecessary.

We stay away from complicated medical terms and ingredients or vague marketing myths – which only cause confusion.

We keep it simple, honest & to the point.

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100% natural


The philosophy of SMPL is simple: we believe that the skin can only be taken care of by the best natural ingredients and products. It is our passion to make this happen.
SMPL wants natural skin care to be available for everyone.


• no nonsense: no vague marketing terms or empty promises
• transparency: honest and each ingredient explained
• practical: multi-functional & travel ready!
• stylish: the products look beautiful in every bathroom, don’t they?
• accessible: unisex, child friendly and fairly priced

taking care of your skin can be so simple

100% natural

logo & packaging.

One of the most famous Dutch artists Mondriaan, is an inspiration in creating the logo of SMPL. With ‘simple’ lines and basic colors Mondriaan created beautiful artworks that can’t be imitated. With ‘simple’ ingredients SMPL creates beautiful products that can’t be imitated. By combining the lines with the most organic form, the circle, PUP creative agency has developed a logo reflecting the philosophy.



SMPL has chosen packaging, which serves the product the best. By choosing airless dispensers the products have a longer durability, stay free of bacteria and the active substances do not evaporate. SMPL cares about sustainability. All dispensers, boxes and bags are produced as environmentally friendly as possible. All packages have a minimalist design and high functionality. It is an asset to any bathroom or bag.

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100% natural

behind SMPL.

SMPL is the creation of Willemijn Kornelis and Liselotte Wannijn. We have a passion for conscious lifestyle, sustainability, natural skin care and entrepreneurship.

We have started an online magazine on conscious lifestyle,, in June 2013. In the beginning, we focused in on nutrition, but soon we started to learn more and more about healthier and better alternatives for the lifestyle choices we make. It was not long before we came into contact with natural skin care. The stories that anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body and the impact that regular skin care has on the world, made a great impression on us. In addition, we believe in the fact that pure and natural products can serve and care the body and the skin much better than artificial chemicals.

We switched to natural skin care and we were so surprised by the difference. Our skin improved significantly. Our skin looked fresher and more radiant. We noticed nothing could nourish our skin better then natural products, but it’s a great quest to find a good, honest and accessible products and information. This and more we want to offer you with SMPL.


We love natural skin care! We believe that the right natural products actually make a difference to your skin and the world around us. This is what we want to focus on. is changed into SMPL … it simply works.

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