After four great years it’s time for something new!! We continue our BeBio-adventure, but in another way. Not because we do not like BeBio anymore, but because we’re ready for a new step. We take all the great stuff of BeBio, and we turn it into something new. And this is SMPL. SMPL is a natural skin care line with its own online platform and webshop. With SMPL we’re only focusing on natural skin care and we will continu to expand the line of natural beauty products.


Why we choose natural skin care


Because of BeBio, we came into contact with natural skin care. The stories that everything you put on your skin, will be absorbed into your body, the effects of natural skin care and the impact that regular skin care has on the world, impressed us. In addition, we already believed that pure and natural products could serve the body better.
We decided to completely switch to natural beauty products and were so surprised by the difference. Our skin improved significantly. Our skin looked fresher, more hydrated and radiant. And call us vain, but nothing convinces as easy as you can actually see the result!


Why we choose SMPL


We now knew that nothing could take care of our skin as well as natural products do, but it is a difficult search to find good and accessible products. We started to learn more and more about the world of natural skin care, the functioning of ingredients, the illegible labels and the various possibilities. We found out that some of the natural skin care lines are not so natural at all. We also noticed that the brands that were actually natural sometimes choose substances that could irritate the skin may. So many people have skin problems and are looking for good natural care product. We want to offer that and more.

SMPL’s philosophy is simple: SMPL believes that the skin can only be taken care of by the best natural ingredients and products, and it is our passion to make this happen. SMPL wants everyone to be able to take care of their skin naturally. Better for yourself and better for the world.


Why you should choose SMPL


• Ingredients are 100% natural. You can read exactly on ouw website why each ingredient is in the product and what it is. We are transparent and hope to inspire people to pay more attention to the ingredients list. We do not communicate vague marketing terms.
• The products are practical. They are unisex, child-friendly, handy in your (sports) bag, ideal for travelers, can be in hand luggage and for multifunctional use. SMPL supports the demand for armored bathroom cabinets, easy to use in a busy lifestyle and the growing travel needs.
• There are no natural essential oils in our products. These are often added to natural product because of the odor. However, these oils can cause allergic or hypersensitive reactions in people. Our products, however, have a pleasant smell through the all-natural antiallergic vanilin.
• The products look stylish. The products are beautiful in every bathroom.
• The products have a very good price – quality ratio.
• The products of SMPL simply work.


Let the future begin!


This is just the beginning. We start small, with 6 products, and we want to expand this course. We have a lot of dreams with SMPL, but everything starts with the first step. And this is that step!