SMPL boosting serum.

This intensive skin-improving serum contains the power of 12 different berries and seeds that are among the biggest beauty secrets that nature has to offer.


SMPL boosting serum

  • gives concentrated nutrition both day and night
  • restores the damaged skin and stimulates cell renewal
  • reduces lines caused by dryness and prevents wrinkles
  • is full of antioxidants, omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and vitamins A, C, E and K
  • protects the skin from external influences
  • gives the skin a healthy and even glow
  • is easily absorbed into the skin
  • provides mild UVA and UVB protection


The serum is very suitable for both oily skin and dry skin. It removes excess sebum that cause impurities and provides deep care.

Do you want to improve your skin and

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power ingredients.

We have carefully chosen our ingredients for their content and powers. They are all an incredible source of nutrition, antioxidants and are weapons against skin aging and outside influences. But they also have specific distinctive properties:


Melon seed oil tightens the skin, clears pores and removes excess sebum

Marula seed oil renews skin cells and restores elasticity

Raspberry seed oil is a UV protector, restores sun damage and is anti-inflammatory

Papaya seed oil removes dead skin cells and ensures an even skin tone

Strawberry seed oil gives intensive care to dry and irritated skin

Squalene protects and provides a soft, smooth and well-hydrated skin.

Boabab seed oil has a soothing, healing and regenerating effect

Cranberry seed oil strengthens the skin and is a natural preservative

Rosehip seed extract helps with acne, pigmentation and scar recovery

Sunflower seed oil works anti-inflammatory and protects skin lipids against oxidation

Rosemary leaf extract has a calming effect on the skin

Use a few drops of the serum in the morning and evening on a clean face. Mix it with your face cream or use it as an intensive night treatment. It simply works!

Amsterdam made.

The boosting serum is made with love. Together with the laboratory in Amsterdam, SMPL has created a unique and powerful product. We have looked carefully at the correct composition of ingredients and the effect the combination has on the skin.


The 100% natural ingredients are extracted from sustainable sources, where the raw materials are obtained fairly and directly from the farmer. They are mixed in the laboratory in Amsterdam according to the secret recipe. Each product is hand filled individually, pipette on the bottle and ready to make your skin better!

Reviews boosting serum

“My skin never looked this good!”
“I instantly fell in love with this product”
“My skin is so much better! No lines anymore and a glowing skin”

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