To test that, we decided to follow two customers who bought the same articles. Our Nourishing Cream, Boosting Serum and Multi balm. Only difference: 40 years separate the two women.

Products on a seventeen-year old

Our younger client is a seventeen-year old student who is already having a hard time finding the correct products. She is also dealing with acne-prone skin and has to take a medication to balance it. ‘’It is hard with my skin to find products that suit me without being too expensive and ending in increasing my acne’’ she told SMPL.
She has, like many people, followed ads and bought grocery store products that made her skin go worse. Yes, following the new Pinterest mask based on weird pantry products will surprisingly, not make it better!

The boosting serum was a game-changer for her. ‘’My skin felt immediately more hydrated and glowy! I love that I can use it in so many different ways. I add it to my day cream to be richer or as a primer before my makeup’’.
The same polyvalent effects were observed for the multi balm. ‘’I don’t use it on my lips but on my cheeks to give this natural highlight effect when I am too lazy to do my makeup, or on my hands when its cold outside’’. The teenager is very happy about it and still continues to use these products on a daily basis.


On the other hand, the late-fifties woman already had experience with natural products but was always shocked at how expensive it could turn out to be. She told SMPL that she paid 175$ for a serum.
‘’It did work well, but definitely not worth the price’’. She had already been conscious about the sustainability issue by recycling, using her car only when necessary, but she really wanted to target a new field: non-chemical skincare products. ‘’I started by removing Non-cruelty-free products from my skincare products and already half of my beauty shelf was gone!’’. SMPL turned out to be what she was looking for.
‘’I lurked on the website for hours and I was pleased to see all the efforts made, from the sugar-cane packaging to having local laboratories used to make the products. No across-the-world labs making high-carbone emission, using plastic containers’’. The nourishing cream was her favorite product by far. She uses it twice a day and even leaves a thicker layer in the evening as a mask. The boosting serum was also a big surprise when she saw that a few wrinkles were gone after using it. The serum contains Kalahari melon seed oil which has many benefits including reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Choosing two customers widely apart on the age spectrum, with very different lifestyle and skin type was a challenge. We have always aimed the products to be for everyone, children as well as any gender.

How is it possible?

We have all noticed many companies specifying products with ‘’anti-aging’’, ‘’dry skin’’, ‘oily skin’’ and so on. Of course, we are not rejecting that those labels exist, because we all have different skin types. But the thin line to draw is whether this product is really helpful or only marketed well.

Indeed, anti-aging products often use a component named ‘’Hydroquinone’’. If you look at the ingredient list, it might even be in the top five most used. It is heard that it works on your wrinkles to make them disappear, and leave a bouncy and lighten skin. But disappearing isn’t the best word to describe it, covering would be more appropriate. It is often used in products to cover for a short amount of time the wrinkles but as soon as you stop using it, the previous effects will come back again. Forcing you to buy it again. This is why we also don’t use parabens and essential oils that can also damage your skin.
We strongly believe in the use of natural ingredients and that they are the natural remedy for any skin issues. Without any chemicals or preservatives, they might change color or have shorter expiration date -even one at all- but this is the proof that you are owning only natural, transparent products.

written by SMPL team member Julia Johannot