Facial cupping originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine and is used all around the world. Their benefits are widely seen and gives a great boost to your skin. Including Facial Cupping once a week in your skin care ritual is a great way to prevent anti-aging and show a youthful glow.

How does it work you might ask? You pinch the end of your facial cup and lend it on the desired part of the skin. When you slightly release the grip, you will feel as the cup is sucked on the skin. You move your facial cup in a linear movement. You should repeat those movements for 5 minutes. The smaller the facial cup, the smaller and sensitive is the area. SMPL’s facial cups come in two sizes. One medium and one small.

We recommend the smaller one for the lips and around your eyes and the larger one for cheeks, forehead and neck.

What are the benefits?

It is an alternative therapy being used for many years to stimulate blood flow and collagen.

With facial cups you stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, improve blood circulation and make your skin firmer and smoother. The skin improves visibly and lines and wrinkles are reduced. It helps to absorb your skin care better.

How to use it?

We recommend to use one of your moisturizing products from your skincare ritual such as the boosting serum or the nourishing cream. Having a moisturized skin helps the facial cups to slide more easily and boost the blood flow. After the cupping, massage your skin delicately in circles to continue the effects and help the skin tighten.

I tried the facial cups and that’s how it went

I received the facial cups in January. I had already heard many opinions about it and how it was so good for the skin. Honestly, I was skeptical. How can ‘’vacuuming’’ your skin with a cup bring so many benefits? I gave myself a challenge use the cups weekly for at least two months. In the beginning, it was kind of amusing to use those cups. I felt like I was receiving a high-end facial only way cheaper and at home! I saw results in only two weeks. My skin felt bouncier and tighten. If me with a youthful skin had results, I couldn’t imagine for the more mature ones!

If you are looking for a duo between facial and relaxation, facial cupping is for you!

Do you want to try facial cups yourself? Go!

Written by SMPL team member Julia Johannot