Facial cups set





With these high-quality connective tissue facial cups you stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, improve your blood circulation and your skin becomes more firm and smooth. With face cups the pores are cleaned deeper and the skin absorbs the ingredients of your skin care better. The skin visibly improves and lines and wrinkles are reduced.




gezichts cups

Apply cleansing cream, boosting serum or oil on your face. Place the cup on the skin, squeeze the top of the cup, release so that the cup is vacuumed on the skin. Massage the skin for 5 minutes, from the inside to the outside with circular movements. With thin skin it can help to tighten the skin. Clean the skin or allow the serum / oil to penetrate in the skin. Clean the facial cups with water after use.

INGREDIENTS 2 facial cups.
SKIN TYPE Suitable for all skin types. We advise not to use the cups on open wounds, burned skin, couperose and eczema.

If you have skin problems, we always recommend to consult the doctor or dermatologist before starting the massage.

CONTAINS Small cup is for massage of delicate skin around the eyes or above the lip.
Large cup is for massage of larger skin surfaces such as the forehead, cheeks, neck and décolleté.
WHY Facial cups for skin improvement:

  • activates blood circulation
  • collagen and elastin production is stimulated
  • makes skin more smooth, soft and firm
  • reduces wrinkles, crow’s feet, bags under your eyes and underkins
  • provides a deep cleaning of pores and makes them smaller
  • removal of dead skin cells and sebum
  • can reduce or even eliminate headache, stress and tension
USE Use the cup twice a week. Daily is also possible. Drink enough water to remove the toxins.


All our products are vegan and simply natural and good.


We believe that the skin can only be cared for by the best natural ingredients and products and it is our passion to make this happen.